Must-try food in Paris : discover the best places for your family 

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Can you imagine going to New York without trying a nice burger or going to Spain without eating the famous Tapas ? No way ! Make the most of your trip in Paris by also discovering French and Parisians specialties, from the best places of the city !

You will find in this article different places to go to taste the most famous french speciality for the pleasure of your children but also you own… :p 

Ready to customize your own food tour and awaken your senses ?

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The Must-try of the French and Parisian cuisine that your children will love to try during your trip in Paris

Here is a list of culinary specialties to absolutely try during your trip to Paris: now you just have to check!

  • the best croissant of Paris ( a real one, homemade, full of butter) 
  • the Opera : a typical parisian pastry 
  • a meringue, but not whichever
  • a memorable éclair
  • some macarons
  • a creamy hot chocolate 
  • a delicious home-made ice cream 
  • a crepe
  • a chouquette

Discover below the list of the best places in Paris, that propose these specialties with a menu to brighten your trip in Paris up. Ready for a sweet break with your family? 

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Where to find the best Parisian culinary specialities ? The best artisan bakers to visit  Paris with your family

The geolocated map of the best artisans : customize your kids friendly food tour in Paris

Here is the map of our food tour including the must-try of the french specialties : add it to your favorites ( some addresses are also on the Miliweb, our interactive map that make your trip to Paris much easier)

Where to find the best croissants in Paris ?

The croissant is the symbol of France, the “savoir-faire” of the French cuisine to its peak.  Crusty on the outside, its smell drives us crazy from miles away… We are talking now, of course, of the best croissants, the homemade, prepared with fresh ingredients by passionate bakers. Here are 4 addresses in Paris to go, to meet the croissant that might change your life 😉 :

1 – La Boulangerie Carton. Selected best croissant of The Ile-de-France (Paris region) in 2022, part of the TOP 10 best pastries of the Ile-de-France, this is a killer ! This bakery is located close to the Gare du Nord (Paris-Nord train station). Maison Carton on Instagram.

2 – Tout autour du pain, is really close in the rankings AND is in the center of Paris ( we are not going to send you doing 40 min of RER because we have to stay focus on the theme of the weekend : Paris !) Perfect to start to face the day. Tout autour du pain on Instagram.

3- The French Bastards. You will find there crazy viennoiseries and pastries, the classic one but also restyled specialties such as the cruffin : a mix between a croissant and a muffin that you really have to try ! Check the pic of it on Instagram.

4- Mamiche, a delicious croissant and an amazingly delicious pain au chocolat for this “neighborhood” bakery ! Take one with you for your lunch pique-nique or the afternoon snack. Boulangerie Mamiche on Instagram.

Where to find the best Opera in Paris ?

The Opera is a typical french dessert, made of three layers of Joconde Biscuit, two layers of butter cream and one layer of chocolate ganache. This cake is dipped in a mirror glaze. Not always the favourite of the children, it might be yours ! The pastries below are a must-see too because of its decorations. Here are the Top 4 addresses where to find the famous Operas :

5 – Dalloyau, the creator of the Opera, which quickly became a typical pastry in france. Dalloyau on Instagram

6 – Véro Dodat. This tea room is located in a charming gallery between the Halles and the Palais-Royal. Vero Dodat on Instagram.

7 et 8 – Cédric Golet. This pastry chef got sacred “ Best pastry chef in the world” by the British rankings 50 Best in 2018. He is also the pastry chef with the most followers on Instagram : his account reached more than 6.6M of followers at the start of 2023. This happened thanks to his famous fruits made in trompe-l’oeil and his flower pastries. If you go to the tea-room located near the Opera (the building this time) you can have a seat upstairs to eat an afternoon-snack. To feel even more like a VIP, go to the Meurice, Cedric Golet is pastry chef there and all his creations are on display for you to try. Cédric Grollet on Instagram.

Where to find the best Meringue in the whole of Paris ?

9 et 10 – La Meringaie, is a place for sharing meringue and fruits ! Their pavlovas are outstanding and the meringue and macarons are light and sweet just as we like it. This will be a must-try of your visit in Paris that your children will remember, and you too of course. La Meringaie on Instagram.

discover paris with kids

Where to try the best chocolate éclair in Paris ?

A choux pastry, a smooth pastry cream and a generous icing, this is all it takes to realize a delicious chocolate éclair. Here are the best pastries to try this marvel created in 1850, that is loved by all the children :

11 – Stohrer, it’s the oldest pastry in Paris, founded in 1730 during the reign of Louis XV. You will find there the most traditional chocolate éclair, with its pastry cream made with intense dark chocolate.. Stohrer on Instagram.

12 -Maison Pradier, where 150 years of practice of a traditional recipe perfectly mastered will tickle your taste buds. We definitely know why they won the prize of the best chocolate éclair of Paris in 2015. Maison Pradier on Instagram.

13 – L’éclair de génie. To discover an éclair as pretty than tasty, with triple chocolate, go there ! L’éclair de génie on Instagram.

14 – Jacques Génin is a pastry chef and a chocolate maker. In his tea-room located rue de la Turenne, you will have the opportunity to try one of his specialties : his delicious chocolate éclair, with a perfect icing a bit caramelized. Jacques Génin on Instagram.

Where are the best ice-creams in Paris ?

Paris is a city that you can visit every season because it’s constantly changing. So for the summer season, here are the best ice-creams to find when you visit Paris with your children.

15 – Berthillon, on the île Saint Louis. An unmissable stop after you visit the Ile de la Cité with your family. THE typical ice-cream maker, the most famous, that all the Parisians and every tourist worthy of this name know. On Instagram.

16 – La Glacerie Paris. The art of artisanal ice-cream the French way. It’s a few blocks away, in the Marais, a delicious ice cream break next to Beaubourg. On Instagram.

17 – La glace Alain Ducasse. Original, tasty ice creams made by a starred chef, you can taste it, right? Alain on Instagram.

Where to drink the best hot chocolate with your family in Paris ?

18 – Angélina Paris, or the place where you will find THE typical hot chocolate of Paris. Rue de Rivoli, you will spend a delicious moment with chocolate mustaches that could defy all the contests. This mythical 1903 tea room and pastry shop, with its Belle Epoque decoration, is the perfect place for a delicious typical Parisian snack in Winter. Angelina on Instagram.

Plus, it’s only a few steps from the Louvre and the Palais-Royal: perfect once you’ve finished your fun and playful discovery tour with your Milirue booklets (exists in 4-7 years old version and 8-12 years old version).

19 – Café de Flore is a famous Parisian café-restaurant in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. The French poet and writer, Guillaume Apollinaire, used to go there. Pablo Picasso also, about twenty years later.

20, 21 & 22 – Jean-Paul Hévin, Chocolate maker and Pastry Chef, is crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier in 1986, a unique and prestigious award in France held every four years. Jean-Paul Hévin makes a delicious hot chocolate, but also a perfect chocolate éclair, with a smooth chocolate pastry cream made with a Grand Cru chocolate from Peru and macarons to die for.

The best creperies of Paris, where are they ?

23, 24, 25 – Breizh Café (Abesses, Marais and Odéon). The best crepes and galettes are at Breizh, that’s for sure, and the good news is that there are several in Paris. So whether it’s for lunch, snack or dinner, go there with your eyes closed! Local cream, farm eggs, organic buckwheat, … Only the best ingredients to make perfect crepes ! Breizh Café on Instagram.

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Where to find the best macarons in Paris ?

We conclude this food tour (starving after these recommendations, i grant you) with our last must-try : the macaron.  Star of the French pastry world, slightly crunchy biscuit, melting interior, various flavors, we eat them in a 1/2 second. 

Wouldn’t it be too good for the kids, by the way? I’m kidding of course, although I wouldn’t give them a full box for the afternoon snack 😅. What I love to see when children are in front of a macaron display is seeing their reasoning, their spontaneity and listening to them mature their choice. Taste? Color? One or two tastes  ? Do we each take one different and share?

Now it’s time to taste it :

26, 27 & 28 – Carette, the traditional address since 1927. Proclaimed the best macarons in Paris by the Parisians themselves and by the elite of macaron tasters. It is also a tea room, perfect for a little break in the day, at the Place des Vosges, leaving the Carnavalet museum. Carette on Instagram.

29, 30 & 31- Ladurée: not the most original flavors, but only safe bets. Highly Instagrammable while in Paris 😜. Ladurée on Instagram. Even the bag is beautiful.

32 – Pierre Hermé Paris, where the art of the macaron is. Former student of Lenôtre and then Fauchon, Pierre has made macarons his specialty, with inventive, surprising recipes that tease the taste buds. Discover his wonders on Instagram.

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Bon appétit, enjoy your meal wherever you are in Paris, and see you around !


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