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Discover Paris while having fun
with your folks!

2 discovery city tours

Step by step, discover the city’s must-see places through anecdotes, challenges and clues to visit while having fun with your family.
100% fun, 100% outdoor, 100% free!

Their own booklet

Designed with experts, their booklet is very (very) well done, with explanations and activities adapted to their age. Turn your kids into a mini family guide! Then, there is space where they can put their memories ans findings!

+ bonus at home

They can start discovering Paris as soon as you receive your envelope at home. With games, riddles and activities to awaken their curiosity!

🇫🇷 Made in France & éco-conçu 🌱

Let’s discover Paris !


Déjà dispo pour les Minis et les Juniors


Déjà dispo pour les Minis et les Juniors


Déjà dispo pour les Minis et les Juniors


Déjà dispo pour les Minis et les Juniors

They loooove Milirue 

Les carnets milirue et la carte interactive miliweb

Great notebooks, with a great map!

To make the visit as cool as possible, the notebooks are completed by a great map, to discover the best kept secrets of Paris!
You know where you are, where you’re going and moreover, it allows you to discover photos and explanatory videos to understand everything, with additional explanations for curious parents!
It even seems that it lists the best snack spots for a 100% successful trip… Hush, we don’t say more!

Mini and Junior: 2 versions

To bring the whole family on board, Milirue’s notebooks are adapted by age group, to offer activities and explanations adapted to the children’s learning pace and level of independence.
But of course, inside, it’s the same 2 discovery city tours, to do them all together!

The Mini, is for the learner readers from 4 to 7 years old. And the Junior, from 8 years old!

Milirue : des carnets mini et junior

Goodbye grumpy people

You can visit the city and have a lot of fun, whether you are 4, 7 or 1 😊

Learning with a laugh 😜

That’s the best way.
That should be the only one!

“It was so great”

Visiting a city just got fun and so easy!

Info renversante : on a trouvé une nouvelle activité pour les parents qui en ont marre de suivre les kids en portant les manteaux
Fabrication 100% française

100% made in France

with love and passion

100 % écologique

100% green

Recycled paper for the booklet & 100% walking course!

Activités 100% en extérieur

100% outdoor

Fun and enriching outdoor activities

100% libre dans l'organisation

100% freedom

No schedule to keep, you are free as a bird