Why don’t we just do the classic boring tour?

Because we invented
much better!

The facts

Dragging the kids? No, thanks!

Fun fact: you can drag your kids for miles with the promise of an ice cream. So technically it’s possible. Besides, cities have been visited this way for ages, as if each generation passed on the secret. Except that it leaves few memories (except for the ice cream). We decided that visiting a city should be really cool for the whole family, so that everyone would have amazing memories! That’s why, in addition to inventing a new activity, we put in a real notebook: so we could flip through the memories and discoveries for months while waiting for the next adventure!


→  More active visits = more real memories    ←

True story

Invented by a french mother who hated geography

But who really really loved the preparations for weekend getaways. “You should have seen me planning this citytrip to Lisbon for the whole family. I disappeared from traffic for several days to create the perfect tour that would please everyone equally (a 5 month old, a 6 years old, an 8 years old and my hubby too) AND be comfortable for me too! I had lost life points in the preparation, but on the spot the great happiness: my goal is to remove the constraints to enjoy the moment.”

Clémence Decouvelaere - Créatrice de Milirue

       Don’t give up! If children live in the city, it means that we can have fun with our children there too! 😘 »


Made with really smart specialists

Milirue - Des spéciaistes futés

Our first specialists are the children. We searched for, we really couldn’t find a better way to know what they would like, so we created it with them from A to Z. To design each Milirue booklet, we also introduced local parents into the secret, to get all their tips on the cities.

All the routes have been tested with real families, to be the best for everyone!

And to learn really cool stuff while having fun, we spent hours with a lot of good people: specialists in learning techniques, teachers adept at new pedagogies, guide-lecturers, people from the city…

Our experts’ opinion

With these notebooks, you will help your children to develop their curiosity, allow them to learn without realising it and create a family project that is accessible to all. It is truly the ideal family activity and useful for the personal development of each child! What a coup de coeur!

Sophie Delaunoy

Orthopedagogue, apprendreoui.com

The adaptation of the booklets into 2 school levels allows the whole family to participate in the same activity. The use of colours for complex sounds is an undeniable help in the learning to read phase. The children discover the usefulness of writing outside the school context, the roles are reversed for an afternoon where the child becomes the guide of the family: it’s great for reinforcing their autonomy and their self-confidence!

Olivia Barre

Speech therapist

Designed to be adapted to the age groups concerned, the notebooks are even accessible to the youngest children with activities carefully thought out with the aim of encouraging children’s autonomy in their discoveries. This project respects the fundamental needs of children: to play, to learn, to discover, to explore, and above all to create links in moments of family sharing.

Claire Joly

Teacher of PS, MS, GS

It’s smart !


✔ One course, adapted to your children’s ages, to do it together

✔ Parents participate and have fun 

✔ Room for curiosity, we learn to look at the world again

Milirue, le carnet respectueux de l'environnement

We’re taking care of the world


🌱 Eco-design

♻️ Recycled media & packaging, oh yeah.

🇫🇷 Made in France

🏠 Right next door to our offices

👣 On foot & outdoor

🌳 An activity in the open air, without cars and waste.