Notebook “Milirue in Paris” – Junior


Are you ready to conquer Paris with your family?

In this Milirue booklet, you will discover the Île de la Cité, the Louvre, the Tuileries and the Palais-Royal through 2 city tours designed for kids.

In the Milirue Junior booklet (8-12 years old), there are :

  • 2 city tours of 1h30 to 2h each
  • 8 pages of games, activities and information to prepare the visit of Paris
  • access to mili’web, our interactive map
  • a space to tell and paste their little memories
  • many other surprises to discover !
A 100% fun, playful and educational adventure!
The perfect support for a family visit of Paris.

Booklet size: 21 x 27 cm – 40 pages

At the heart of Milirue’s premise is the desire to transform the way we visit cities !
To do so, we design fun, playful and educational discovery tours to be lived in complete autonomy.
Our Junior notebooks have been designed for children over 8 years old who have a fluid reading. They are completed with an application called mili’web, a great map that will reveal its multimedia content throughout the walk to an easy and immersive tour experience for the whole family.

The content has been thought out with school teachers, a speech therapist and special education consultant in learning and memorization, to captivate them and apply school learning while having fun. Tested and validated by interested parties 😉

Check out our blog to refine your program : best kids-friendly restaurants, top 10 family-friendly museums, … and so many other advices to make your trip incredible !

They loooove Milirue

2 reviews for Notebook "Milirue in Paris" - Junior

  1. Lucy S

    A day saved during the strikes in February! My husband, my two children (aged 5 and 3) and I spent a lovely day on and around the island of St Louis without being disturbed by stopped transport and demonstrations… Having our booklet delivered to us in England, well in advance, allowed me to prepare the children and we all loved the route. We had a lovely chat with the book seller whose photo is without the booklet, a kind passer-by helped us find the clock and gave a pen to my eldest son (totally unexpected but one of my son’s favourite moments of our holiday!). It was magical and by the end I had two happy children, one of whom wants to live in Paris when he grows up. Oh, and we bought the film un monstre a Paris because of the song in the booklet that we didn’t know before. A great way to discover a place. Even when you think you already know it. I’m a big fan!

  2. Sarah

    A fantastic tour of Paris with Milirue!
    We, the parents, really enjoyed being guided by the app which is super easy to use. No need for google map. The kids absolutely looooooved it, we all had a great time, it was so cool!
    The 2 walks in Paris allow to see the main monuments and also to discover funny anecdotes about Paris and its locals.
    The activities and preparatory information are adapted to children, it was great for them to be able to start discovering Paris at home, they didn’t want to let go of their notebooks 😁. It’s really well designed! 👏🏼

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Fabrication 100% française

100% made in France

with love and passion

100 % écologique

100% green

Recycled paper for the booklet & 100% walking course!

Activités 100% en extérieur

100% outdoor

Fun and enriching outdoor activities

100% libre dans l'organisation

100% freedom

No schedule to keep, you are as free as a bird

Our experts’ opinion

With these notebooks, you will help your children develop their curiosity, allowing them to learn without realizing it and creating a family project that is accessible to all. It is truly the ideal family activity and useful for the personal development of each child! What a coup de coeur!

Sophie Delaunoy


The adaptation of the booklets into 2 school levels allows the whole family to participate in the same activity. The use of colours for complex sounds is an undeniable help in the learning to read phase. The children discover the usefulness of writing outside the school context, the roles are reversed for an afternoon where the child becomes the guide of the family: it’s great for reinforcing their autonomy and their self-confidence!

Olivia Barre

Speech therapist

Designed to be adapted to the age groups concerned, the notebooks are even accessible to the youngest children through activities carefully thought out with the aim of encouraging children’s autonomy in their discoveries. This project respects the fundamental needs of children: to play, to learn, to discover, to explore, and above all to create links in moments of family sharing.

Claire Joly

Pre-school/Nursery teacher